Monday, March 7, 2011

First Day of School :))))

So today was the first 'official' day of school, and I could hardly think of anything else :) It is so amazing to be going through this experience, and sharing it with such wonderful like-minded people!! Truly a blessing.
Today also had me thinking of my journey to this point, and am just so amazed at the strength of our Lord.....So looking back 2 months, the Lord led me to the IIN program...and I wasn't sure it was really what he wanted me to do..I struggle daily with self confidence and social thinking that the Lord would want me to get out there and help other people w/something I am so passionate about, was a huge step....BUT, after LOTS of praying, just felt the Lord telling me, that he does what we can't...if he leads us to it, he'll never leave us w/o the tools to follow through and do what we're called to do. I know most of us will have our days or moments where we'll second guess ourself, etc. There is a song that I LOVE that fit perfectly into these moments, and I heard this during that time of not knowing if this was the right path for me...The Lord confirmed his path for me, and listening to this song gives such peace :) LINK--->  Walk On The Water by: Britt Nicole   Love what the Lord can & does do!! It's going to be an amazing year :)))))!!!

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